Terms and Condtions

Ticket prices relate to the movie shows you wish to attend, not the day or time at which you purchase your ticket. Tickets are sold at the price displayed on the Site for the relevant film and showing time. Please note that ticket prices vary and will be higher for 3D movie showings.

Tickets are subject to availability and are generally non-refundable. We are under no obligation to refund you or exchange your ticket(s) in the event that you make any error when purchasing your tickets through the Site (including but not limited to selecting the wrong film or the wrong number of tickets), if you are excluded from viewing the film for any breach of these Ticket Terms or the Guest Admission Policy, or if your ticket is lost, stolen or damaged. However, we may, entirely at our discretion, refund you or exchange your ticket(s) in any of the situations mentioned above or where there has been any customer service issue that we consider warrants a full or partial refund or other offer of goodwill from us. Please note that, unless otherwise specified, any such refund will exclude the booking fee paid and any additional amounts paid for 3D glasses. Refunds will be made to the same payment card used to make the booking and cannot be returned to gift cards. Redeemed voucher codes cannot be re-used if the tickets they were used to purchase are refunded or exchanged.

Seating is unallocated unless otherwise specified at the point of purchase. Where seating is allocated at the time of booking, we will endeavor to ensure that you are provided with the seat that you have booked. However, we cannot guarantee the seating allocation and shall reserve the right to make changes at our discretion.

For all tickets purchased through the Booking Line, a fee for booking your ticket(s) remotely is payable in addition to the ticket price. This will be clearly notified to you during the booking process. The total amount payable will be inclusive of the booking fee. By sending a request to book tickets, you agree to pay the booking fee in addition to the ticket price.

  •  Please note that No booking fee is payable for any tickets purchased in person at any of our cinemas ticket booth.
  •  For 3D films, you may purchase 3D glasses online or at the cinema. If you purchase them online, they will need to be picked up at your chosen cinema along with your tickets.

Please note that not all advertised ticket offers will be available for tickets purchased online, and in some cases you may need to purchase tickets in person at the cinema to benefit from such offers.

If a film showing is cancelled or its timing altered or is not as advertised, the duty manager at the relevant Cinema will have the discretion to do either of the following:

  1. refund to you the cost of tickets already purchased; or
  2. to issue replacement tickets for the same film at an alternative show time, but we shall not be liable to reimburse you for any expenses or any other losses incurred (including but not limited to travelling costs and car parking costs).



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